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Nuez de la India

The Nuez de la India is the fruit of the Aleurites Molucanna plant also known as the Miracle seed or Nuez de Brazil, it has several natural properties that make it an amazing weight loss method as it will help you digest your meals better as you eat them throughout the day.


How will I lose weight?


Nuez de la India will adjust your metabolism and thanks to that you will get rid of any excess of feces (poop) in your system, there have been reports of people that had up to 30 pounds of feces inside of them, imagine yourself getting rid of 30 pounds with no effort, just by getting rid of the feces stuck inside of you.



Nuez de la India will put your digestive system back in order and that will allow you to eliminate the meals that you’ve ate and processed throughout the day, this way it would be the equivalent of reducing by 50% the amount of food that you eat, this will necessarily make you lose weight.



Nuez de la India cleans everything in your digestive system by eliminating any kind of toxin that could have been inside them it will help your body regenerate from the damage these toxins caused that way you will recover the efficiency your digestive system had.



When your system gets rid of the meals you have eaten through the day as quickly as it will with Nuez de la India, this will prevent your body from absorbing all the nutrients and calories, by doing this when your body is in a lack of energy and needs calories to do an activity instead of using calories which your body cannot provide it will use the excess fat in your body as energy, therefore slowly but surely you will gradually start losing weight and with time you will see the incredible results that you’ve seen  that Nuez de la India provides.

How safe is Nuez de la India?

Nuez de la India doesn’t have any weird substances or any kind of unknown properties that would cause negative effects on the human body as stated by the USDA, the properties that make you lose weight are those that we’ve specified before just logical natural processes that will make your body healthier and while that process is happening you will lose weight, this is something you can’t obtain with any other weight loss product!



Will I lose weight fast?


Like most people we try to find the fastest method of losing weight because we were used to hearing about amazing products that make you lose 30 pounds in a month but the reality is when we finish using these products we regain those pounds in less than a month and sometimes we even end up with more weight than what we started with. Therefore it’s important to know that losing weight is not a single day or month process like some weight loss products mistakenly use in their marketing offers. Losing weight is a slow process and with Nuez de la India that’s exactly what you aim for, a healthy way of losing weight naturally, remember it’s as important to maintaining weight as it is losing it!


There’s people that have used Nuez de la India and have lost 120 pounds in a period of 7-12 months!


There are some people that prefer taking other products other than Nuez de la India as they prefer getting a quick result without having to wait for a couple of months for one; But in reality these types of persons don’t just wait a couple of months or years to get the results they expect, they fall into the rebound effect of several products and the false marketing tricks of other products and never obtain their goal.



How do you take it?



Initially we recommend people to start consuming Nuez de la India in the form of Tea, This is because when the seed is lightly cooked the body absorbs the effect slowly and that way its easier to get used to the effect, we do know of some cases where some people have not seen results when taking the seed this way, but after taking it as if it was a pill they get the results they expected. Remember every body works differently and you have to find the right way to make Nuez de la India's effect work on yours!






To prepare the tea just follow these steps:


1.- Take a Nuez de la India seed and take off the velvet coat that covers it as it doesn't have any benefits.


2.- Cut the seed in 4 equal pieces and take 1/4 of that seed and crush it with the help of 2 spoons .


3.- Take a cup and fill it with hot water, put the crushed seed on the water. You may add Chamomile or Orange blossom tea to add some extra flavor.


What benefits does Nuez de la India give?

First of all and also the most important benefit would be that it helps in weight loss, constantly thousands of people all over the world have lost weight with Nuez de la India without the need of diets or exercise.


Nuez de la India is the best when it comes to getting rid of fat, Including that fat that is allocated in difficult areas to burn but with Nuez de la India even though you won’t get rid of it quickly you can be sure that in a couple of months you will be able to get rid of that body fat that you’ve never been able to burn.


Nuez de la India reduces cellulite, Nuez de la India is a great product when it comes of getting rid of that unwanted cellulite in your legs as it gets rid of fat your body doesn't need including those that are stored in your body that cause cellulite.


Nuez de la India reduces cholesterol and triglycerida levels, this benefit will be even better if you eat healthy while taking Nuez de la India, Reason being that Nuez de la India is an excellent fat burner and your body will start getting rid of it by itself thanks to the benefits of Nuez de la India.


Nuez de la India reduces eating disorders and smoking anxiety, This benefit will also help you lose more weight, as people tend to eat all day because of bad eating habits, with Nuez de la India you will lose that anxiety and thanks to that you will be able to eat in a healthier way.


Nuez de la India reduces Insomnia and stress, these two benefits are huge factors on the procedure of losing weight because stress usually is a cause of colitis and the inflammation of the colon doesn't allow your digestive system to process your meals on time and your body starts storing things it doesn't need, on the other hand people that have sleeping disorders will cause their organism to not function properly, they will be tired all the time and not just their body but also their metabolism will slow down and their body won't process their meals.


Nuez de la India will help reduce hemorrhoids, regularly hemorrhoids appear because people do excessive effort while going to the bathroom but with Nuez de la India everything in your intestine will flow properly and you will no longer have problems, this won't only help you reduce hemorrhoids but it will also prevent them.


Nuez de la India will get rid of constipations, people tend to have slow bowel movements on a later age and this is something that Nuez de la India can help you straighten up as it helps you  activate your digestive system again, and that way it will help your metabolism process your meals until your body recovers its natural bowel movements.



Nuez de la India helps with Hypertension, Arthritis and Diabetes, Generally these problems are associated with obesity and when Nuez de la India helps you get rid of those extra pounds it will indirectly help you prevent these symptoms and their discomfort.



Nuez de la India is a natural product and it's in no way processed nor does it have any chemicals or conservators, This is not  a medical product, like any other natural product there are people that won't tolerate it, if you suffer from  a special condition, convalescing any illness, or taking medication, please consult your doctor before consuming it. If any problem occurs while taking Nuez de la India no matter how small this could be suspend its use, not recommended to take if you're pregnant. By being a natural product, consuming it is responsibility of whoever takes it or recommends it. Be responsible and never take more than 1/4th of a seed. Keep away from children.

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